Six Leading Cancer Hospitals

A medical college or university that excels at treating all types of cancer and its life-saving treatments will be at the top of a list for “the number one cancer hospital in the US.” This is a ranking system that is based on many factors, including the number of clinical trials it conducts and the success rate of its cancer patients. To put it simply, it takes into consideration the treatment each of its cancer patients receives, the success rate of those treatment efforts, and the care that they receive after they leave the cancer ward. All of these are important factors to consider when looking at the “who is number one” question. Here is a look at some of the top cancer centers in the US.

Stanford Cancer Center. Stanford is one of the most innovative cancer centers in the country, and it is also one of the most respected. It has a long and storied history, and its mission is focused on finding a cure for cancer. Stanford has a long tradition of providing world-class cancer care, and it received the rank of “first in the West” for its pioneering cancer research in the 1970’s. Today, the center is considered a top cancer research and treatment center.

Harborview Medical Center. Harborview Medical Center prides itself on providing excellent patient care, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment. The clinical services provided by the center include outpatient surgery, personalized medicine, and a multitude of complementary and alternative cancer center services. In addition, the hospital provides state of the art diagnostic equipment, highly trained physicians, and continuing education programs to keep its staff up to date on advances in their field.

Memorial Medical Center. Memorial Medical Center is different from other cancer centers in that it offers not only conventional oncology treatments but also naturopathic treatments, specialty procedures, and advanced clinical treatments. The treatment plans at Memorial Medical Center are innovative and are geared toward providing patients with the latest cancer care available. They are devoted to researching all types of cancer, using a holistic approach to treating cancer, and employing a reverence for patients’ human rights. The medical team at Memorial Medical Center prides itself on treating “the whole person”; this means that every aspect of treatment is designed to improve the patient’s health and quality of life.

Beth Israel Medical Center. As one of the major cancer care facilities in the country, Beth Israel Medical Center prides itself on offering advanced, comprehensive cancer care. In addition to oncology, genetic, and surgical treatment, Beth Israel Medical Center offers a broad array of complementary and alternative therapies and cancer prevention services. For example, many of their oncology departments utilize novel imaging techniques and very high-tech diagnostic tests.

Alva Memorial Hospital. Like many other oncology centers and hospitals, the center strives to provide its patients with the very latest cancer medications and treatment. Some of the latest services provided by Alva Memorial Hospital include: radiation oncology treatments and imaging technologies, including magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, mammography, and ultrasound therapy. A great deal of educational information is available to patients, and there is a close association with the national institute of health in coordinating research into cancer and its prevention and treatments.

University of Alabama at Birmingham. At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a focus is placed on prevention and comprehensive cancer centers. The cancer program emphasizes early detection through a system of personalized screenings, tests, and treatments. The clinical trials being conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham on behalf of other participating hospitals and clinics aim to not only find new ways to treat and diagnose disease but also to help find solutions for the diseases prevailing today.

Beth Israel Medical Center and Memorial Medical Center. The clinical and administrative staffs of Beth Israel Medical Center are committed to providing their clients with the highest quality of care while striving to keep their costs as low as possible. Among the key commitment of the Beth Israel Medical Center is to embrace their role as a medical leader in the community through its philanthropic support of fund raising events and its affiliation with the American Association of Cancer Centers and its program, “Compact for Clinical Care”. Another key commitment of the hospital is its focus on the care of all patients with an emphasis on their special needs. Other key commitment includes conducting comprehensive counseling sessions with patients and families and participating in a patient-triggers program, among others.

Six cancer centers with one mission to save lives | cancer | centers | clinical services | cancer centers | patient} George Washington University Medical Center. Considered the medical home of the District of Columbia, the George Washington University Medical Center embodies the culture, values, and commitment to service that is synonymous with the US Department of Health. The hospital provides for the treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders that affect the whole body and mind of patients. Services rendered by the hospital include cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, radiology, physical medicine, infectious disease, pharmacy, and a multitude of elective and specialty procedures. The hospital also encompasses the George Washington University School of Nursing, which offers the nation’s preeminent education in nursing.