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Light Emitting Plasma™

A technology beyond LED and metal halides, with savings of at least half of all costs. Light Emitting Plasma™ (LEP) is a solid state high intensity light source that brings clean, efficient lighting solutions to general and specialty lighting. It is energy efficient, long lasting, full spectrum and brighter than other lighting technologies such as LED in many applications. Plasma lights use an RF power supply that converts electrical power to radio frequency (RF) power, a process that vaporizes the contents of the LEP bulb to a plasma state, generating an extremely bright source of light. Additionally, Plasma offers cost savings in energy and maintenance that results in a great return on investment and lower total cost of ownership.

Bright and Powerful

Light Emitting Plasma Fixture High Output High illuminance23,000 Lumens per light. Each quartz bulb is ¼” x ¼”, the size of a TicTac® candy.

Efficient and Flexible

72 lumens/watt, rapid re-strike, and 45 second turn-on. Energy savings of up to 70% depending on application and specific circumstances.

Long-lasting Performance

Bulbs feature a 50,000-hour lifetime.


How it Works

  1. An RF circuit is established by connecting an RF power amplifier to a ceramic resonant cavity known as the “puck.” In the center of the puck is a sealed quartz bulb that contains materials consistent with metal-halide lamps.
  2. The puck driven by the power amplifier creates a standing wave confined within its walls. The electric field is strongest at the center of the bulb, which ionizes the gasses inside.
  3. The ionized gas heats up and evaporates the metal halide material, which forms a bright plasma column within the bulb to radiate light. Behind the bulb, a highly reflective powder reflects nearly all light in a forward direction.
Light Emitting Plasma Fixture High Output High illuminance